• BartoszC

    Hi guys, it's me, BartoszC, 

    In this blog, I'd like to share:

    • The Rules
    • Common FAQ
    • And Also answer your questions

    Q: Can I be an admin? A: Only if you contribute a lot and if I trust you.

    Q: Can I make a page?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I edit pages?

    A: Yes.

    Well, that's all the FAQ I could think of, sorry for not that much examples.

    • Do not spam or scam.
    • Do not swear.
    • Do not censor.
    • Do not speak about offensive subjects.
    • Do not make Mega, Hyper, Super-Threads, or any other kind of thread which would be enormous, only with the permission of an admin or mod.
    • Do not hack.
    • Do not insult.
    • Do not add offensive videos or images.
    • You do not need to use edit summaries.
    • Do not delete pages without my permission.

    ...I hope I can help you with any problem, and thanks for reading my B…

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